All Master Custom Builders must abide by the Master Custom Builder Council Code of Ethics.

  1. Paramount responsibility shall be to their customers and community.
  2. Shall have honesty as their guiding business policy.
  3. Shall deal fairly with their customers, each other, employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers.
  4. Shall use high standards in workmanship for the construction of their homes.
  5. Shall at all times contribute their knowledge in home building to the best interest of those they serve.
  6. Shall not knowingly enter into any contract, the terms of which may imperil the rights of either labor or the suppliers of material to receive a fair return for services or goods furnished.
  7. Shall not obtain any business by means of fraudulent statements or by use of implications unwarranted by fact or reasonable probability.
  8. Shall comply both in spirit and letter with rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies for the health, safety and progress of the community.
  9. Shall be alert to examine proposed or enacted legislation, detrimental to social, economical and political progress.
  10. Shall not perform, or cause to be performed, any act which would tend to reflect on, or bring into disrepute, any part of the home building industry.
  11. Shall become more professional, and to keep abreast of new techniques of management and construction through continuing education.
  12. Shall help the home building industry compete equitably through the use of skills, knowledge and creativity.
  13. Shall keep informed on matters affecting the home building industry in this community, state and nations, so that they may be able to contribute responsibly to public thinking on such matters.
  14. Shall protect the public against unethical practices in the home building industry and endeavor to eliminate any said practices which could be damaging to the public or bring discredit to the home building industry.
  15. Shall not deny equal professional services to any person for reasons of race, creed, sex or country of national origin.
  16. Shall place all pertinent facts before the proper tribunal of council if charged with a code violation or is asked to present evidence in any disciplinary proceeding or investigation.
  17. Shall not publicly disparage the business practice of a competitor, nor volunteer an opinion of a competitor’s transaction. If an opinion is sought and the member deems it appropriate to respond, such opinion shall be rendered with strict professional integrity and courtesy.
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